Morning-after pill

After unprotected, poorly protected or unforeseen intercourse, there is the possibility to take the morning-after pill to avoid an unwanted pregnancy. In order to be able to pick the pill up at the pharmacy, you will have to fill out a questionnaire and give us some important personal information as well as to have a conversation with a pharmacist.

We recommend to take the morning-after pill in the following situations:

  • after intercourse without the use of a contraceptive;
  • if you had problems with condoms (incorrect use or broken condom);
  • in certain cases if you forgot to take the pill;
  • if you discontinued intercourse too late when using the coitus interruptus method;
  • after a rape.

You will first receive a questionnaire with which you inform us about your health condition and cycle. After that we will have a confidential conversation to analise your situation and to talk about the possibility of a pregnancy. If your partner is not close, we will also talk about the risk of an infection with an STD. We will then inform you about all aspects of the morning-after pill, and you have the possibility to ask questions.

If you decide to take the morning-after pill, you can usually do that at the pharmacy. The pill should be taken within 72 hours after intercourse.

This emergency contraception should only be taken in exceptional cases. The hormonal overdose is not suitable to be taken regularly and is therefore no substitution for an ongoing contraceptive method.

The use of the morning-after pill is not an abortion.

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