The Bellevue pharmacy looks back on a long tradition. It is one of the largest pharmacies in Switzerland with approximately 55 employees.

The first pharmacy at Bellevue was opened in 1887 in a small shop. In 1931, Dr. Arnold Lobeck, a seventh-generation apothecary, acquired the pharmacy and gave it its current name. As an antroposophist, he was committed to offer a wide range of remedies according to the philosophy of Dr. Rudolf Steiner and Samuel Hahnemann. Until today, the Bellevue pharmacy has kept to this endeavour.

Since 24 June 1976, the pharmacy is run 24 hours a day and is available as a reliable place to seek answers to health questions. In November 2005, Dr. Roman Schmid took on the management.

Mission Statement

Our team is available to you around the clock to answer all your health-related questions – especially if you have questions regarding the use of medication, but also for nutrition counselling and to advise you regarding a healthy lifestyle. It is a special concern to us to provide you with consultation about alternative medicine. Whatever your concern, you will feel that our consultation comes from the heart. Even if there is a high customer flow, we take time for your question.

We consider ourselves as intermediaries between you as a patient and the health care providers. We have a broad knowledge, but we also know when we have reached our limits and when a consultation with a doctor or a homoeopath is in your best interest.