Rental of vaporiser

Vaporisers consist of a compressor and a nebuliser. The medication is filled into the nebuliser and the compressor converts it in fine vapour by compressing air. The aerosol is then breathed in through a mouthpiece or a mask that is connected to the vaporiser.

Vaporisers work even when patients are small, weak or not able to use other devices for certain reasons.




per day CHF 3.50
minimum rental of 4 days = CHF 14.–

  • Nebuliser with tube CHF 51.85      
  • Mask for children CHF 10.80        
  • Mask for adults CHF 11.90
  • Mask for Babies Size 1 CHF 52.90
  • Mask for Babies Size 2 CHF 52.90
Depot (Mandatory)

CHF 200.–