Chemist’s shop

In the chemist’s shop, we primarily look after our demanding customers. We provide you with free consultation on the correct use of medications and medical devices, we find the right remedy for your affliction and deliver your medications according to your prescription. If you are on holidays in Zurich, we help you find a substitute for your foreign product that you require urgently. In order to ensure discretion during consultations, we have a consultation room available.


In our dispensary, we manufacture individual recipes prescribed by doctors or required by our customers. When producing small dosages, we rely upon the exact same hygiene regulations (Good Manufacturing Practice) as for the production of large quantities.

Laboratory (specialities)

In our laboratory, we manufacture proven specialities of the house. The laboratory team procures raw materials, assesses their quality and manufactures the specialities.

Complementary medicine

For decades, the Bellevue pharmacy not only advises you on allopathic remedies (coming from mainstream medicine) but also on your questions about possible treatments with complimentary medicine. Our broad range of homoeopathic, spagyric and anthroposophical medicines is very popular among customers, physicians and alternative practitioners alike.

Tea room

Tea therapy and Ayurvedic medicine with its herbal blends has always been an important aspect of our philosophy. Accordingly, we have a comprehensive range of teas and herbal blends that fills our tea room up to the ceiling.

Personnel administration

The approximately 55 members of our team have to be cared for. The HR department creates crew schedules, coordinates day and night shifts and serves as the contact point for holiday requests. If there is a shortage of staff, the HR team looks for qualified personnel and thereby ensures the quality of our consultation.


Every year, the Bellevue pharmacy takes in two new apprentices and one pharmacist during his or her compulsory practical year. We consider the education of trainees an important task in ensuring the continuous quality of the demanding pharmaceutical professions. We are also always happy to give and receive new impulses.

Health insurance

The health insurance team makes sure that the accounting of prescriptions runs smoothly. After you have purchased your medications, you only have to show us your valid health insurance card to avoid all further administrative efforts: You will not have to pay at the counter and you will only receive an invoice for the patient’s contributions.


The purchasing team maintains supplies of medications and other products. There are two ways of supplying: Placing an order directly with the manufacturer or with a wholesaler. We keep about 15,000 articles in stock. An average pharmacy has around 6000 articles.


Our comprehensive stock with about 15,000 articles and 80,000 to 100,000 packages needs to be maintained. We therefore rely on a high-tech robot that stocks large and small packages in the shelfs according to its own system and, upon entering a product in the computer at the checkout counter, brings out the requested medication. This fascinating invention that delights children and adults alike.


In exceptional cases, we also deliver homoeopathic medications to alternative practitioners, physicians, hospitals and other customers, when they cannot collect them at the pharmacy. The administration takes care of these purchase orders.


With our creative shop windows, we are looking to inform you about novelties, give young enterprises the chance to present themselves and sometimes even to get you thinking.

Our visual merchandiser: Markus Cajöri


Our pharmacy is situated in a three-storey building of historic interest with many angles, delicate old furniture and a floor area of 450 m2. The demanding task of cleaning it is performed by our reliable housekeeper who almost unnoticeably cleans the building multiple times a day and keeps our paths dust-free.


Although our hierarchy is very flat and many shoulders are here to bear the workload and responsibility: The best team is of no use without a mastermind who brings and keeps all threads together. Dr. Roman Schmid has assumed this task with great dedication, a good deal of courage and curiosity and always with a heartfelt smile. We are proud of our boss!