If patients are not able to get enough oxygen from the air, they require a constant addition of oxygen, especially during exertion (walking, gymnastics), because the body cannot store oxygen.

If patients require oxygen only sporadically, they receive compressed bottled oxygen. These devices are available at Bellevue pharmacy for emergencies.

Long-term administration of oxygen

  • increases life expectancy,
  • lessens breathing troubles and therefore increases performance ability and quality of living,
  • supports the cardiovascular system.

Oxygen Depot Zurich is available around the clock.

For further consultation, please contact Lungenliga.



  • per Day CHF 1.20

Minimum rental CHF 8.40 (7 days)

  • Filling of oxygen CHF 59.-
  • Mask CHF 5.50
  • Distilled Water, 1 litre CHF 6.95
Deposit (mandatory)

CHF 50.-